Ongoing Antenna Research, Development, and Testing

Well we are working hard at researching the differances we see when replacing the Gamma Matching System on various Yagi beams with a Hairpin / Beta matching system, along with and a good balun.

In our tests, we have performed the following: Replaced the gamma matching rod with a hairpin / beta matching assembly that consists of a hoop and a ground connection; replaced the grounded driven element, with a split and insulated driven element, and added on a good Balun. What we have found is that by performing these modifications, the yagi beam repeatadly demonstrates better field strength.

We have modified about a dozen yagi beams by removing the gamma matching rod, and grounded driven elements, and every time we see and measure a significant amount of increased antenna performance. I have gotten many requests for bolt on modification upgrade kits, and some upgrade kits have been shipped to prototype users to test. I have also got a few requests for upgrading some older Quad antennas. That is in the works.

10 and 4 element 2 meter Yagis with modifications. Click on any thumbnail for a larger picture