Ongoing Antenna Research, Development, and Testing - Baluns

Testing and tuning the yagi beam antennas, we found out that the balun is a very important part of the antenna. One of the lessons that we have discovered is that the coax baluns don't work anything like the toroid baluns. This was learned after doing many things wrong for too long a time. As we discovered the hard way, without a good balun the yagi antennas would not get up and bark! Instead, they just kind of sat there and got lost in the noise. That's ot what we want!

With the coax coiled balun now in the scrap can, testing continues with other types of baluns. As with all research & development, (figuring stuff out) it takes a little time to get it right!

Here are a few photos showing some of baluns now being tested. Some baluns have been modified to increase the power handling capacity, by adding a second toroid core and larger wire.

10 and 4 element 2 meter Yagis with modifications. Click on any thumbnail for a larger picture


Another thing that didn't work too well as trying to tune an antenna while the antenna analyzer was connected to another antenna! Some found humor in this, but I can assure you I didn't find it funny at the time...No matter what I did to that antenna the SWR did not want to change! Even pulling the coax off didn't change the SWR!