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The Crusader 10K 5 Element Yagi Beam

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10K antennas have been in production since 2001, with over 60 years of combined aerospace and machine experience guarntees the finest products available. Accept nothing less!

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The Interceptor 10,000 is a Commercial Grade 5/8 Wavelength Ground Plane Antenna, that can be adjusted to operate within its 1.3MHz bandwidth from 24.8 to 44 MHz.

The Interceptor 10,000 or I-10K, is made from 6063 T-8 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Tubing, and is internally reinforced with the same high grade tubing at the mechanical stress points. This reinforcing allows for a 100+ MPH wind rating.

The I-10K uses high grade Stainless Steel Hardware and clamps through out the antenna.

A Hairpin / Beta Impedance Matching System is used to allow the I-10K to be assembled to be a 5/8 Wavelength Antenna, while matching the coax impedance to the I-10K antenna impedance.

The Hairpin / Beta Impedance Matching System is a very low loss system that has no wire coils or capacitors to burn out or cause significant loss. The I-10K has been tested at 10 KW without experiencing any damage.

When the I-10K replaces non-ground plane type antennas, interference to neighbors consumer electronics is usually eliminated or significantly reduced.

A Top Hat is used to reduce atmospheric noises and static. All Parts of the I-10K Antennas are at DC Ground for added lightning protection.

I-10K 10 meter repeater at 180 feet on a commercial tower in Indiana